Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Inspiration for Writing Instruction

Thanks to Andrew Kern for the link to the Geneva School (Winter Park, Florida) newsletter, which contains an article, interview, and writing samples from the 7th-8th program in writing. The team approach used at Geneva is similar to what I have done with hybrid courses and evaluation arrangements across the country. The instructors introduce a lesson, grade the students' responses to it, and provide opportunity for the students to receive individualized consultation on the work that they have produced. Evaluation is critical to effective writing instruction, and I am glad for the opportunity to participate in this crucial part of a good education.

Delightful, inspiring.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"A Mighty Child," by Anthony Esolen

Sometimes I just revel in something beautifully written, and here I get to share it. This piece has bits that remind me of my own writing, which is encouraging, and it has other parts that reach far beyond what I expect of them. Writing that lifts me out of my own thoughts to greater thoughts is such a joyful refreshment.


"A Mighty Child," by Anthony Esolen