Friday, July 22, 2011

Great Advertisement Language

We surf the Internet.
We swim in magazines.

I saw this ad in a magazine and tore it out, but the online version is more accessible to my students and readers here.

Here you go! 

Isn't this a good extended metaphor?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Little Testimony

One of my almost eighty students at Veritas Press Scholars Academy online this past year wrote me a very sweet thank-you note at the end of the year, accompanied by a great handmade card. She gave me permission to share it here, the student's view of the value of Composition 2.  (About four of the six sections for 2011-2012 are full, but a couple of them still have seats.  My colleague Chris Finnegan made this course a great experience, and we're hard at work now making THIS year's class even better!)

Dear Mrs. Marsch,
. . . Thanks so much for teaching comp. class. I really enjoyed it! I have learned so much from the Lively Art of Writing. It didn't just say what to do, but she would tell how most students would do something then she would tell how to change it. I know I don't remember everything from the book but it still was very beneficial.
     You presented the material very effectively and I really loved your slides and polls.
     Thank you so much for taking the time to check papers and giving helpful feedback. Probably my favorite things was how we wrote the papers. We would start about two weeks before it was due. We could take it at a much slower pace and not feel rushed. So by the day it's due all we'd have to do was proof read it. I had never written a paper starting so far in advance before!
     The last paper (the one about math) I felt it was my best paper, even though it wasn't my best grade. :-p  I knew about the subject and could make my thoughts clear (that's always really hard!).
     Thanks again for teaching, helping me become a better writer, and using LAW. Really wish I could have met you at the end of the year gathering.
     Lauren Carmody
P.S. Sorry if there are grammatical errors :-p . . . it's a letter not an essay :-)