Monday, June 9, 2008

How to Write That Novel (And Why I Do Not Yet "Write")

Because I teach writing people are often interested in knowing what I have "written." Because I teach writing online and homeschool four children (oops--make that two now, with the second just now graduated!), a task I have now been embarked on for fifteen years (during which two of them were born), and because before that I had babies and before that a Job and before that was a student myself, I simply have not had the time. So I read and I jot down occasional Ideas for that One Day when I will Write.

When that Day comes, I hope to follow my own version of The Lonely Novelist's Five-Point Productivity Plan. If you read through the plan and consider how it might work with a houseful of children being children and also being students, and with a teaching-of-writing business going on as well, you can understand why I am not There yet.

PS Thanks, Honey, for earning a living that allows me this much freedom from a regular Job!

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Cindy Marsch said...

I just realized that my first paragraph sounds like a child's excuse, but then also like a song. . . . "Because because because . . . because of the wonderful things she does!" :-) Silly me.