Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Funnies: "When Life Reeked With Joy" Part Four

From "When Life Reeked With Joy"

History, a record of things left behind by past generations,

started in 1815. Throughout the comparatively radical years 1815-1870

the western European continent was undergoing a Rampant period of

economic modification. Industrialization was precipitating in England.

Problems were so complexicated that in Paris, out of a city popula-

tion of 1 million people, 2 million able bodies were on the loose.

Great Brittian, the USA and other European countrys had demicratic

leanings. The middle class was tired and needed a rest. The old order

could see the lid holding down new ideas beginning to shake. Among the

goals of the chartists were universal suferage and anal parliment. Vot-

ing was to be done by ballad.

A new time zone of national unification roared over the horizon.

Founder of the new Italy was Cavour, an intelligent Sardine from the

north. Nationalism aided Itally because nationalism is the growth of an

army. We can see that nationalism succeeded for Itally because of

France's big army. Napoleam III-IV mounted the French thrown. One

thinks of Napoleon III as a live extension of the late but great,

Napoleon. Here too was the new Germany: loud, bold, vulgar and full of


Culture fomented from Europe's tip to its top. Richard Strauss,

who was violent but methodical like his wife made him, plunged into

vicious and perverse plays. Dramatized were adventures in seduction and

abortion. Music reeked with reality. Wagner was master of music, and

people did not forget his contribution. When he died they labeled his

seat "historical." Other countries had their own artists. France had


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