Thursday, August 16, 2012

Friday Fictioneers: "Resolution"

No, I have no idea what this picture is, other than perhaps a tree that grew around some manmade item of some kind, but my story for Friday Fictioneers is prompted by it. Please join me!

He couldn't let it rest until he named it. His soul paced up and down even while his body was stuck in a bus seat--foot tapping, eyes casting among the passengers, against the blur beyond the window.
This was familiar--often he awoke bewildered, until a triangle became a tilted doorway or a threat resolved to his coat hunched menacingly over a chair. 
He had not noticed it before at the bus stop. How was that? It seemed a PVC or plaster T-joint with clay extensions had climbed the tree he customarily leaned against, nestled into the crook, and extended one clay tube up to listen, to look, to what?
He would shinny up the tree to find out, after work, if he COULD work. Or stay on the bus and go back to know.
That's 136 words.

11 comments: said...

very well done! The ending is perfect. He could check it out, or "go back to know." Great, thanks

janet said...

I feel his obsession "to know." Well done!

Anonymous said...

I puzzled over this object in the fork myself and so I felt very strongly identified with his need to know about it, what it was doing there, what it meant.

Douglas MacIlroy said...

"Go back to know." With this line you captured the feelings of a lot of FridayFictioneers and for that you should be rewarded.

A great story told from the POV of a character soon to be calling in 'well'.



Joanna (Lazuli Portals) said...

Ooh, love his "soul pacing up and down". This story captures perfectly that moment when our perception is just a little off-kilter, and our understanding just a little bemused. Well done.

We're here

Cindy Marsch said...

Thanks, everybody so far. I'm having a blast doing this, and especially getting the feedback. I'm about to go check out your links, too, if I haven't commented already.

Reading Pleasure said...

I actually love this. He has to go back to know. Great! Mine is here and linked:

vbholmes said...

Hope he'll let us know what he finds on close examination--there are a lot of curious people awaiting enlightenment. said...

Great depiction of all-consuming curiosity. I had no idea what the picture was either, but I really liked your story!

Brian (

Cindy Marsch said...

Thanks, Reading, VB, and Pinion. I really appreciate your taking the time to comment!

Russell said...

When I find a photo that hard to write about, I rotate it 90 degrees to the right until something falls out that I can write about. I think you did a very good job without the rotation.