Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday in November

Here's a little 100-word piece I made NOT for Friday Fictioneers, but for a collection the first hostess of FF, Madison Woods, is putting together--100 stories of 100 words based on the photo below.  Obviously it refers to a November Wednesday another year, but still . . .

Entry for Madison Woods’s 100x100 Project
Submitted 10/26/2012

Wednesday in November

Everything is late this morning.

In the chilly silence when I went out for the paper it wasn’t there. So dark—great banks of clouds  holding back the dawn.

Only later did I hear the thrum of tires, click of gears, and thump as the paperboy on his bike flung it into the yard. It won’t have the news we all stayed up late to hear this morning. And it’s still not decided. They’ll count and bluster and hold press conferences and file lawsuits.

But the clouds have lifted with the sun, and there it is at last. Another day.

100 words.

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Boomie Bol said...

Very nice, and timely...I like very much. Thanks so much for stopping by mine

Boomie Bol